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Travel Certificates Guaranteed! Proctored COVID-19 Testing from Anywhere! Total Convenience, with Zero COVID Stress!

Seamless COVID-19 Testing Solution For International Travel and Re-Entry to the USA

Proctored Testing uses FDA-approved Test Kits and is 100% compliant with the rules and regulations related to Covid-19 Testing and Health Certificate Issuance.

Enjoy peace of mind when traveling internationally with FDA -approved testing that meets the CDC testing requirements and can be used anywhere you travel including airlines, cruises, events, and customs.
A live professional proctor leads you through the testing session on a video call and verified results are sent immediately after testing.

What is Travel Proctoring?

Proctoring simply means that a health professional oversees the self-test and gives video instructions in real-time.

Proctors issue tests just like the on-site testing at hotels, airports and local test sites. The difference is that the traveler does not have to worry about finding a test site, risking that all the appointments are full, paying excessive testing fees, or interrupting their vacation to get tested.

Proctors monitor the test in the convenience of the travelers hotel room or vacation home, making the experience easy and worry free.

Our Certified Testing Process

Anywhere Testing - 15 Minute Results


OUR Proctors are 100% Certified


Our Proctors are Product Trained.


Freshstart has strict quality control measures.


Freshstart uses only FDA approved Testing and is HIPAA compliant.


Know the Rules and Get Proctored Testing for a Stress Free Trip

Keep updated and avoid stress and long waits. Check our list with constantly updated rules for traveling from your home country to dozens of the most popular travel destinations.

Why Use PROCTORED COVID-19 Testing


Proctored Testing uses FDA-approved Test Kits and is 100% compliant with the rules and regulations related to Covid-19 Testing and Health Certificate Issuance.


Proctored Testing can be done anywhere that is convenient for the Traveler. So rather than have a vacation day interrupted by a testing appointment and having to wait in line to get tested, the Traveler gets tested in the comfort of their hotel room or vacation residence.


Proctored Testing only takes 15 minutes and the entire family can be Proctored at the same time. No waiting for the scheduled appointment or having to get tested in sequence. A family of 4 saves at least one hour of time.


With Proctored Testing all the cost is covered. The opportunity for local Test Sites to overcharge is eliminated. Too often are Travelers are charged as much as $300 per test, simply because they don‘t know where to go or did not plan ahead.


Proctored Testing takes all the Covid-19-related stress out of Traveling. Travelers do not have to remember to make a testing appointment on their last vacation day. Travelers do not have to cut their vacation fun short because they have to get tested.


Travelers who have used Proctored Testing with TravelPass love it and say it saved them a ton of stress, time, and money, allowing them to enjoy their trip without thinking about the nagging Covid-19 Testing and the ever-changing travel requirements.


There are many more reasons that Proctored Testing eliminates travel stress, and it can be a real lifesaver. If the traveler forgot to make a testing appointment, can‘t get tested, and has to rebook their return trip.

Trusted and 100% Compliant

Seamless COVID-19 testing solution for international travel and to Re-Enter the USA

Hassle-Free Traveling!

Tests you and your family safely, accurately and privately in your room

COVID-19 severely disrupted the world’s travel industry.

People are traveling again but are now spending 3 billion dollars on their testing this year.

By enrolling in Proctored Testing with TravelPass, you get the assurance and peace of mind on your vacation.

We provide FDA-approved testing solutions for your destination and re-entry without worrying.

It is important to use a qualified U.S.-based testing solution, because, it assures that your tests will be accepted at the airport and customs, and are delivered on time.

Our certified professionals understand the complex ever-changing rules regarding travel re-entry.

  • We proctor the travelers testing remotely on their device
  • We ship the FDA-approved tests to travelers before they depart
  • We provide the online Proven Professional proctoring
  • We issue a travel certificates for airlines, hotels, events, and customs

Use a Proven Solution

QR Code

QR code we provide takes your client to EASY 1-2-3 online PROVEN Proctor.

Video Health Portal

We walk you through the test using a secure video health portal

Fast Results

After the test, we quickly send the results to the devices on record

No More Waiting!

No more waiting trying to get a letter that assures you will not miss your flight.

10 Million Tests Can’t be Wrong!

Test on Time

Tests are sent before departure

Convenient Tests

Tests are taken on the trip

Fast and Simple

Use the QR code, take your test and check your email

Professional Help

Take your test with a professional


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